Private Lessons

Paring the right student with the right coach can make the world of difference when developing any type of motor control skill. Sometimes, all a student needs is a little extra one on one instruction to master that technique. Some students may be attempting to completely learn their next new skill.

Our private lessons focus on form while establishing a better technique to improve and expand on new or existing skills. As an athlete, the more you breakdown and understand the skill, the better you become at its execution. In tumbling, form and technique are essential.

In order to safely execute any complex muscle movement, you must identify what you are doing right and correct what you are not. Then, you must repeat that procedure over and over again teaching your body the proper muscle memory. One of the more difficult parts of this procedure is that you either do not know what you are doing wrong or you do not know how to correct it. Either way, our instructors are some of the best in the country.

The true test for any good instructor is not to just identify that a problem exists, but to know “why” the problem exists and then, correct it. When meeting with our coaches, you will receive personalized, professional attention directed specifically toward the technical precision of the skills you are either learning or perfecting.

Not only will you be able to correct any bad habits, but more importantly you be learning to practice the skill properly before any habits form.