The California Flyer All Star Company actually began in 1998 under a different name. A year later, California Flyers became our trademark name.  Our first California Flyers team was formed by four coaches, who each chose their best cheerleaders among their local high school squads (Village Christian, Hart, Quartz Hill, and Lancaster). The requirement for this team was a round-off back tuck or more, and at least a standing back-handspring. They were named Senior Elite. They went undefeated that season, earning two National titles (United Spirit Association Champion and American Grand, Las Vegas Champion). Their National Award Winning Routine was featured on ESPN.

As cheerleading grew over the past two decades, we have developed multiple variations on stunts and pyramids, which has helped shape the cheer industry into what it is today. Our founder, Coach Shelly, has produced more than 5 teams since 1998 that have aired performances/routines on ESPN, including a pyramid sequence in 1999 that was placed onto a nationwide distributed choreography video showing “How to create what the judges are looking for”.  Incorporated into the California Flyer Program is phenomenal and creative choreography.  (Click to the right to watch Coach Shelly in her prior to winning the Rokthat Choreography Award.)  Our teams have won choreography awards at least once each season since we began in 1998 (Spirit Club International, US Spiritleaders, National Cheerleader’s Association, Cheerleaders of America, Sharp, Rokthat, JamFest , etc. just to name a few organizations).  Our 2008-2009 Stinger Senior Level 4 team was featured on a music video for Shea Fischer.  (Click on the picture of Shea Fisher to watch the video.)  Also, visit and search “Shea Fisher Don’t Chase Me” for the video. 

In 2005, our coaches were featured as the Orange Crush cheerleaders in the Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback video (click on the picture of Gwen). This video and song went on to win numerous awards and topped the billboard charts for its creativity, and one of a kind beat.  In May of 2012, The Cheer Channel Inc. began filming “The Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader” (Click on the picture below and to the right to begin watching the series.)  Auditions were held for REAL Cheerleaders all over the country! They chose our facility out of 100’s of gyms in California, and OUR CALIFORNIA FLYERS CHEERLEADERS were filmed as extras throughout the taping! It debuted on We met the best of the best in All Star Cheer, and they were back for Season 3, May, 2014.  

(Click the link below for Season3)

      The success of this program has come from one thing.  Coaching!  Our unique style teaching tumbling and cheer has converted regular, everyday students and converted them into athletes!  When we are given athletes, we make them superstars.  Many of our own coaches have once been those veteran California Flyers team members.  They have loved it so much that they wanted to give back to the sport and kids, and be a part of the same program that created their long lasting memories, friendships, and life lessons.  Our former athletes have also gone on to do amazing things and compete at colleges known for great cheerleading, such as: University of Louisville, Stephen F. Austin University, Hawaii Pacific, University of Oregon, etc.  Some have even become head coaches for those same programs.  Many of our former competitors have also gone on to coach at our local high schools…Hart, Saugus, Valencia, Golden Valley, West Ranch, Canyon, as well as numerous other cheer programs across the Nation.  Traditionally, we not only build athletes, but coaches as well. It, then, was not surprising when in 2005, Coach Shelly was named Coach of the Year for the Golden State Spirit Association.  She earned the title again in 2010, and then, again in 2015 for CheerPros. 

Our program has always been dedicated to hard work, teamwork, and commitment.  When coupling those concepts with extraordinary coaching, it is no wonder our teams continue to do well.  Over the years, we have attended the best competitions (Cheersport, NCA, the Summit, Jamz, etc.) in the world and have subsequently, won them.  We have also, sent some amazing teams to the Cheerleading Worlds Competition. In recent years (2015), our Senior Level 4 team won back to back National titles on the east and west coast.  In 2016, every team in the California Flyers program earned the national title including wins at Summit, Cheersport in Atlanta, and JamFest in Las Vegas.  In 2017, the California Flyers took its entire program to NCA in Dallas, TX. Every team in the entire program finished in the top three.  With only one team in third place and one in second, the rest of the teams became NCA National Champions.   Actually, when evaluating the California Flyers team record, we  have won the National Championship in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.  In other words for nineteen consecutive years, the California Flyers Program has repeatedly demonstrated its success.