The California Flyers Program is centered around coaching.  We believe that successful coaching begins with three important concepts—communication, trust and respect.  But to truly succeed as a coach, you must inspire participation while facilitating growth.  You must recognize and identify your student’s abilities and struggles in order to nurture the former and overcome the later.   A true coach places the team above all else while actively fighting for their athletes to improve.  Real coaches recognize the true potential of their students.  Moreover, those coaches maximize that potential by teaching to push past an athlete’s preconceived limit.  Old limits are passed.  New goals are set, and the cycle continues.  The true evaluation of a program…is found in its coaching.

Coach Shelly (Gramatky) Walker

Owner of the California Flyers National Training Center, is a Pepperdine University graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Sports Medicine. She is a former elite level gymnast (so she is quite the technician in tumbling), high school, collegiate, and open all star cheerleader. She is the former head coach and choreographer for William S. Hart High School (10 years) and Village Christian High School (11 years). She is also formerly the Director of Cheerleading and Tumbling at Fun and Fit Gymnastics Centers (7 years). She currently choreographs for Youth, Jr. High, High School, and Collegiate level teams all over the nation. Shelly is a USASF member, and has been a guest speaker at annual Coaches' Conferences for California, Hawaii, and Oregon. She was also named the Coach of the Year for 2005 and 2010, and once again in 2015.

In her spare time :), Shelly works with Rey Lozano and US Spiritleaders, a cheerleading host of camps, clinics and competitions, based in Long Beach to help create program material for upcoming camps. She judges for cheerleading competitions around the country and also mixes performance music for cheer teams. Clearly, her passion for all things tumbling, cheerleading, and fitness can be seen through her work ethic and commitment to our families.

Fun Facts: In 2004-05 competed on the Nationally ranked Orange Crush Open team (and placed 3rd at the NCA Texas Nationals next to Gymtime and Cheer Athletics), who is also featured in Gwyn Stefani's 'Holla Back Girl' Music Video.

Coach Josh Ahrens

As an athlete growing up, Coach Josh dedicated his full time and energy to his Nationally Ranked Competition High School Cheer Team. He was named Captain and led his team by being an amazing example, achieving the All-American title over all of Southern California. He also trained on a highly competitive Coed All Star team as well, leading him to be a part of numerous National Championship Wins. He knew he loved this sport, and after he graduated, continued cheer in his life by coaching all over Southern California as well as other states across the U.S.

Coach Josh has experience coaching athletes of all ages and all levels in cheerleading & ninja, and directed entire tumbling programs.

Fun Facts about Coach Josh: • He once played in a band that toured all over the state, • He drove across the entire United States all by himself, • He has studied film, which has led him to write and create short films. Coach Josh can't wait to work with your kids and help them grow and achieve more than they thought they could.

Coach Jasmine Brooks
Coach Jasmine is a Canyon High School graduate where she cheered for three years and danced for two. At the same time, she devoted her extra time at California Flyers, where she competed on our Senior teams and our College Open Teams for years. She learned to be a fantastic tumbler, and began coaching our Jr and Sr teams as well. Jasmine also worked with Rey Lozano and US Spiritleaders, developing and teaching camp material to thousands of cheerleaders each summer. Jasmine currently holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in K-6 Elementary Education. She is state certified in Alabama and California. She is AVID & CLAD certified, and on the Leadership team at her school. She teaches 1st & 2nd grade in the Antelope Valley and works with our Tiny, Mini Teams, and recreation tumbling program. Jasmine’s teaching style brings structure and hard work, yet allows for our kids to let out their playful and wild sides as well. She truly brings out the best in her students.
Coach Julianna McMullen
Coach Julianna started gymnastics when she was 5 and discovered cheerleading at age 8. Julianna competed levels 3-5 in all stars, all the while continuing her tumbling training. Tumbling was her strong suit. She consistently was awarded the ‘best tumbler’ on her team at the banquets! Cheering will always be her passion! She most recently received her esthetician license. She loves skin care and making people feel confident in their natural skin and she feels like cheerleading played in to that because that is where she originally learned to be confident in her own skin! Julianna's dream life includes both coaching cheerleading, running her own teams, and her own salon as well, to ultimately support her family and dogs! Coach Julianna's passion will inspire and ignite her students into wanting to learn more and improve!
Coach Chloe White
Coach Chloe has been a part of California Flyers for over 15 years. Her legacy extends to her older sisters as well, as they too have been participants and coaches in our program. Chloe has spent years mastering tumbling, stunting, and acrobatics. She is a Level 6 tumbler with the most passion for improving her abilities. Her self-motivation and discipline is unmatched! She has signed with Quinnipiac University and has received a scholarship for her outstanding mastery of our sport and will be competing on their Acro & Tumbling team in the fall. Chloe has a way of connecting to every trick she teaches. She not only understands how to teach "Perfection before Progression", but she also knows how the athletes should feel every stage of the learning process, which makes her especially effective to our students!
Coach Bettis Richardson
Coach Bettis Richardson has traveled across the country landing here, at California Flyers. Bettis is no stranger to the sports of fitness, martial arts, tumbling and cheerleading as this self-taught tumbler has had extensive experience coaching, judging, and performing. Coach Bettis has been on championship teams like Top Gun, winning titles at NCA, Nationals, and Worlds. His cheerleading experience is not just limited to the competition floor. This coach demonstrates his skill-set while acting in movies like “Bring It On” and the Broadway show “Bring It On” the musical. You may just recognize him from television programs such as American Idol where Bettis became a finalist during season two. While his job may be acting, his passion is coaching people into athletes This knowledgeable instructor brings another professional set of eyes to our program, specifically to help our students improve. Coach Bettis employs a unique approach to coaching by blending the art of many sports with pure athleticism. Pairing these two properties yields an unmatched level by other programs. Humbly but enthusiastically, Coach Bettis imparts his vast knowledge and wisdom onto his students as they get exponentially better.