Have you ever just wanted to get a tumbling skill? Maybe you want a back handspring for your high school tryouts? Maybe you want a back tuck but you just do not have the confidence to throw the skill without a spot? Have you ever just wanted to focus on one thing to perfect your tumbling pass? Have you ever just wanted to surround yourself with the best coaches with one thought on their minds—helping you get that desired skill? That is our Workshop! We dedicate our staff to in an intense two hour dissection of one particular skill. We take that skill and breakdown the movement into small drillable portions, perfecting technique while simulating muscle memory. We will strip away those of those bad habits learned at other locations, replacing them with proper form and technique.


No. But once you attend our workshops and meet our coaches, you will wonder why you spent so much time and money trying to learn form somewhere else.


Absolutely. Our instructors can teach any skill from Levels 1-5. Just contact the front desk.


Tumbling is built on a framework of skill development—one leading to the next. For each workshop, there is a corresponding minimum requirement for attendance. Please check the corresponding workshop for its prerequisite.

Let Us Help Prepare You To Become A Cheerleader.   Whether you are joining an All Star Program, have your eye on a Recreation Team, or just looking to improve your skills, this customized workshop is for you.  We bring our super talented collection of coaches together to give you a customized workshop to include Stunts, Jumps, Motions, Dance, and of course, Tumbling!   Not only will you become familiar with all the parts of the new face of cheerleading, but this workshop comes with your own set of pom-poms that are yours to keep at the end of the workshop.   Call the front desk to secure your position and take advantage of the early bird discounts.

Let Us Teach You How To Fly!  Whether you are a base or a flyer this is the perfectly balanced workshop for every cheerleaders.  You will be taught proper hand position, stance, grips, and holds keeping your flyer equally supported and rock-solid stable.  From level 1 to 5 nothing is off limits in this workshop.  Even if you have never been in the air or have based for the last ten years, it does not matter because EVERYBODY GETS TO FLY! Whether your are learning balance , air awareness, or stability training  with professionally trained staff, they will guide you through the proper technique of stunting and flying.  Following this workshop, your stunts get easier and flyers feel lighter as the proper techniques are employed.

The Level 1 Workshop is designed to help you successfully perform all listed Level 1 skills to include front and back walkovers. The workshop develops the proper tumbling groundwork, which severs as the foundation for all other tumbling skills.
Prerequisite: Everyone is welcome.

The Back Tuck Workshop is designed to help you successfully perfect the round-off back tuck, standing back tuck, or any combination of standing or running tumbling to include the back tuck. This workshop will cover the fundamentals, drills, and mechanics of the back tuck skill.
Prerequisite: Strong foundation in Level 2 skills.

The Back Handspring Workshop is designed to help you successfully execute the back handspring, standing back handspring and a back handspring series. This workshop will cover the fundamentals, drills, and mechanics of the back handspring related skills.
Prerequisite: Strong foundation in Level 1 skills.

The Lay Outs and Fulls workshops train our athletes by developing their skillset to include the most advanced passes in cheer. This workshop will focus on perfecting the athlete’s current level while adding new skills. This workshop ranges from round-off /round-off back handspring layouts up to and including all twisting skills.
Prerequisite: Strong foundation in Level 3 skills with a solid round-off back handspring tuck, and standing tuck off mats.